The Jordan Legacy’s petition to government, requesting the introduction of a Suicide Prevention Act to minimise suicides, requires 100,000 signatures by 19th January 2024 if it is to be considered for debate in parliament. 

The Jordan Legacy was founded in 2020 in Jordan’s memory and because of Jordan’s strong desire to help those who needed support the most. The Jordan Legacy support those who are struggling with their mental health and experiencing suicidal thoughts by embracing the values and principles Jordan lived by.

Their goal is to help as many people as possible to make a different choice than the one Jordan felt he had to in December 2019.

Steve Phillip, Founder/Director of The Jordan Legacy CIC, said:

“More than 6000+ people die by suicide in the UK each year. Not everyone will be affected by suicide but everyone can play a part in reducing these numbers. We want to move towards a Zero Suicide Society, one that is willing and able to do all it can to prevent all preventable suicides.”

Steve is aware that some people believe that “an Act is not the answer” but some legislative changes are needed and it is necessary to be able to debate all the key points in the petition. The Jordan Legacy is pushing for an open conversation to take place about all the actions they know will get the numbers of suicides down and closer to zero.

Steve and The Jordan Legacy have been vocal about the fact that they believe the government’s new National Suicide Prevention Strategy lacks ambition, despite including several positive initiatives which they applaud.

Steve Phillip added:

“With sufficient signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in parliament. At The Jordan Legacy, we want to be able to meet with ministers and explain why we and all those impacted by suicide, believe that all the points included in the proposed suicide prevention act will help minimise the number of people ending their own lives in the UK.”

This year, they have listened to those who have been impacted, professionally and personally by suicide and their ‘Moving Towards a Zero SuicideSociety’ action-research project report has mapped out precisely what they believe will get the numbers down. Many of the recommendations included in the petition, highlight points already ‘successfully’ petitioned for by the 3 Dads Walking and The Learn Network.

If you are able to sign and share this petition it would be a significant step in moving towards the Legacy’s vision of a Zero Suicide Society, and getting to 10,000 signatures means the government has to respond to all those who have signed the petition.

Petition link is here: