About WIRP

Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better

Founded in 2017, Women In Residential Property fosters collaboration between women working across all sectors of the residential property industry from development through to agency.  We organise digital and face to face networking events where we discuss a broad range of topics, from the personal to the professional, but we always aim to provide a friendly, supportive, blame free environment where we can share problems and discuss solutions.


The purpose of WIRP is to positively influence the residential property industry across the UK and all its sub sectors.


To educate, empower and support all those within residential property to achieve gender equity in a thriving, inclusive and sustainable industry.


Walk the walk – Constructively address discrimination and bias when we encounter and/or witness it

Talk the talk – Provide a platform that encourages the sharing of experiences and welcomes diversity of thought

Collaborate to effect change – Working across sectors within our network and with those outside of our network to effect sustainable change

Seek to educate ourselves and others – Always be learning, curious and conscious that we do not have all the answers and perhaps not even the right questions. Share what we know graciously

Celebrate – Celebrate each other, our cause, our progress, our mistakes and our humanity

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