A day in the life of Mortgage & Protection Broker: Navigating the highs, lows and daily challenges

Having recently stepped into the busy world of Mortgages and Protection Broker, it has exposed me to a very diverse medley of experiences. From the highs of helping clients secure dream homes to the inevitable lows of market volatility, I find myself on a daily rollercoaster navigating this multifaceted landscape. Let’s look at a typical day…

Morning: Coffee, coffee and sometimes, maybe sometimes a bit of a workout. I like to start my day with a sense of purpose and determination. This is usually dictated by the flurry of activity in my emails, which then typically leads to reviewing client files, researching the market, and liaising with lenders and protection providers. The day always starts on an optimistic note with the thought of getting clients to their ideal end goal.

Highs: Empowering clients by guiding them through the complex world of mortgage options and protection plans is so rewarding. I remember arranging my first mortgage and having to be wholly led by my amazing Mortgage Broker as I did not have a clue and the whole scared me a bit, if I am honest, but she left me feeling like I was in good hands and what I needed was in place.

Building relationships and establishing genuine connections with clients through actively listening to what their hopes and aspirations are, giving a real sense of trust is so enriching and, in a world, where Consumer Duty has us all gripped tightly, means I can rest assured I am working to the clients goal and in their best interests.

Lows: Complexregulation means navigating a very intricate web of requirements, which can be a daunting task.  Ensuring I adhere to industry compliance whilst working within my own ethical framework can require strict attention to detail.

Market volatility means continuous ups and downs with interest rates and other market factors which effect possible client outcomes. Now, more than ever the market changes so rapidly and I find, the need to be ‘ready to launch’ at any given moment is so important.


I usually start the afternoon, with a little lunchtime dog walk with my very cute cockapoo Betty, followed by settling back at my desk with, yes, you’ve guessed, another coffee. At this point, I find myself in more of a negotiating phase of my day, planning with clients and speaking with lenders with the aim of creating the right outcomes for my clients. The afternoons can be a real whirlwind. 

Highs: The continuous learning and professional development that comes from looking into different lenders and protection providers for the right fit for each individual client in invaluable. It helps in keeping right up to date with industry trends and increases my capacity to serve my clients well.

Celebrating client success is one of my favourite parts of the day. I don’t mind sharing with you my emotion when it comes to this subject. Every completion or protection policy in place is something to be celebrated when it brings the clients goals to fruition, but recently I work with a client who the outcome meant so much more than just a new mortgage. I actually cried with joy and happiness for this client, not only when getting the ‘YES’ email from the Lender but also when I delivered the news to the client as well. It really does mean the world to help people, particularly when hope may have been almost lost for them previously. 

Lows: Managing client expectations and the diverse range of needs can be challenging, and balancing realistic advice with client aspirations requires open and effective communication, coupled with empathy and the ability to negotiate.

Economic uncertainty often impacts confidence in borrowers which can pose additional challenges, meaning, again the need for open and honest communication is key.

Closing the day: Usually closing my day, looks a bit like a headless chicken flapping about, as this usually involves packing up quickly to get my daughter to one of the many after school clubs she attends. Often, I sit in my car, outside wherever she is with a travel cup of something hot, finishing up emails and prepping for the following day. As awful as I make this sound, I quite enjoy the peace of a quiet car, to collect my thoughts from the day and set myself up for another day back at it. I also enjoy the flexibility my role offers me, to be able to be there for my family in the early evenings whilst also being able to commit to my work, wherever I am.

Highs: Client satisfaction is the ultimate reward, knowing that I have supported my clients with well informed advice, meaning that their journey to homeownership has been less stressful than they may have originally anticipated.

Industry evolution and advancements are continually enabling brokers to enhance efficiency and streamline processes. I am also lucky to work under a network who are also, always striving to keep up to date with advancing technologies.

Lows: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has at times been quite challenging for me, given the demanding nature of my work, but careful time management and of course, a family to support keeps me from sitting behind my screen all hours of the day.

Competition in the industry is very competitive, and standing out in the crowd can be difficult. It is a battle I am still fighting, but am happy to do so, knowing the value of my work and my own ethics that guide me and dictate the way in which I work.

Conclusion:  I want to end with my own thoughts on allyship within the residential property industry. Allyship is crucial in promoting inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment, particularly in women. By recognising this, we, as an industry have an opportunity to champion gender equality and advocate equitable success and opportunities along with amplifying the voice of women in the sector.  If we all work to support, mentor, and collaborate with each other, we can create an inclusive and vibrant industry that empowers women to succeed, whilst driving positive change and promoting fairness.

Shelley Bakewell-Hill

Mortgage & Protection Advisor, Your Mortgage Hub Ltd