Hosted by Emma Redley, Business Development Manager, Muve

The first ever WiRP lunch in Stafford was a resounding success! In a gorgeous venue, we were all inspired, motivated and empowered, not only by each other, but by the two wonderful speakers Faye Shaw & Angi Cooney. Faye was an absolute joy, and her passion shone through in every word she said. Pushing ourselves that extra 1% in everything we do, can bring so much more to our lives & careers. Faye told how she went from walking out of a very well paid position, to setting up on her own. The motivation to bet everything on yourself, and continuing to push yourselves to be better, really left the whole room believing that “they can”.

Angi spoke about creating the best team, both in life and in work, and how creating your core values and sticking to them, ensures the consistency it takes to be a success. Taking control of your “fruit bowl” and ensuing the apples you have on your side are good ones, and not being afraid to seed out the bad apples, in order have the correct fruit to make your salad. A truly inspiring talk from one of the very best. The whole room taking stock of their own fruit bowls 😊

Add in delicious food, some wonderful ladies, new connections made and not forgetting the gorgeous crystals we all took away courtesy of Samantha Burrows!

I cannot wait for the next event, and encourage everyone to attend their local events!

To hear more about upcoming events in Staffordshire & Shropshire please contact Emma.