It’s the title of a book by Brian Tracy and a term I’ve used many times when talking about tackling that overdue piece of work that you know you need to do, but you know it will take quite a bit of time, concentration and energy to complete ……. So, you put it to one side (in my case it was always pushed to the left-hand side of my desk).

Eventually though you just must make time to get the job done.   This probably sounds familiar to those conveyancers out there who are more likely to take that troublesome, time consuming title check home to complete !

If this resonates with you, or you know it’s what your staff do, then let me tell you about an alternative.   Have you ever thought about outsourcing your title checks? 

Whether you’re trying to manage an increased caseload due to resourcing issues or have complex checks that are just sitting on the edge of desks this could be the perfect solution for you.

At ConveyAssist we have been supporting law firms by providing title checking services as an outsourced service for almost three years.  Our fully flexible services are provided by expert property lawyers and will deliver the following benefits to your law firm.

Cost savings: Outsourcing title checking can be a cost-effective option for law firms. By outsourcing this work, law firms can avoid the expense of hiring additional staff and the associated overhead costs, such as office space and equipment.
  Expertise: Outsourcing title checking to a specialized provider can offer access to experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in this area.
Efficiency: Without the distraction of constant calls and emails they have the capacity to complete the work quickly and accurately, saving law firms time and effort.  
Consistency: Title checking is a crucial part of the conveyancing process, and mistakes can be costly. By outsourcing this work to an expert provider, law firms can create consistency in the quality of the title checks and reduce the risk of errors  
  Flexibility: Outsourcing title checking can offer law firms greater flexibility in managing their workload. They can scale up or down quickly, depending on demand, without the need to hire or lay off staff.  
  Improved client satisfaction: By outsourcing title checking, law firms can improve their service to clients by providing a faster, more efficient and accurate conveyancing process. This can lead to increased client satisfaction and loyalty, which can ultimately benefit the law firm’s reputation and bottom line.  

So why not send that frog packing now and give us a call, we’d love to help !