On the 16th September we were delighted to be joined by Sam Palmer, Menopause Health and Fitness Coach and Nicola Green, a workplace consultant specialising in the The Menopause. Megan Jones, Senior Marketing Executive at our sponsors TM Group was kind enough to produce this summary of the event.

Property industry losing talented women due to the menopause

Panic attacks, tinnitus, mood swings, brain fog, and extreme pain are just some of the many symptoms that can make it near-impossible for women to continue working when the menopause strikes. For many, this costs them their confidence and careers and for some women despair associated with Menopause can lead to suicide.  For businesses, the Menopause can lead to the premature loss of experienced team members; often at the height of their careers.

The worst part? It’s preventable and a situation that is frequently exacerbated by a distinct lack of information – even misdiagnosis. That’s why the Women in Residential Property networking group – sponsored by tmgroup, mio, SDL Surveying and Groundsure – recently put the menopause front and centre for an honest conversation at last!

Women in Residential Property are working at the forefront of tackling taboos

The far-reaching impact of the menopause was brought to light by subject experts Nicola Green and Sam Palmer, who came together along with women working across the breadth of the property transaction for an informative, yet engaging conversation. Key learnings included; the full breadth of symptoms, how it should be supported like any other long-term mental and/or physical health condition, how businesses can stand to benefit from putting more resources into support (even avoiding discrimination tribunals), and how early and correct diagnosis can help the worst-affected women get the right treatment sooner.  

It’s not the first time the networking group has brought taboo subjects to light either. Alongside running a regular programme of topical industry debate, the Women in Residential Property networking group have been exposing the truth behind some of the most pressing issues affecting women across the property industry – including sexual assault and female financial wellbeing.

As Emma Vigus, Chair of Women in Residential Property, commented:

“In the wake of Alice Thompson winning her case, it’s clear there are tides of change across the industry, but more work needs to be done to make sure all women – whatever their age or circumstance – get the support, flexibility and opportunity they need to continue working in the property industry. In a world where periods are taught at school and there are midwives on hand to support women as they become parents, it’s madness that there is very little support for women going through the menopause. It’s never been more important to give businesses the tools they need to be able to support and confidently signpost their colleagues to the right resources.”