In last month’s article, we promised to be there for all the conveyancers who need us with our bespoke title checking services. But we know that title checking is only part of the story. In this mentally challenging sector, conveyancers need someone in their corner who understands what they are going through. Because they have lived it.

Working in the property sector can be like entering the mental health boxing ring. Being knocked out every day but expected to get back up and start it all again tomorrow. No prospect of getting stronger, defeating your opponent, or ever getting out of the ring.   

So when is it time to call it quits? When do you know that you have spent too long focusing on work and not enough time on your own self care and wellbeing?

I asked myself and my colleagues at ConveyAssist this very question.

“For me it’s when I get lazy. I don’t want to get up or just sit watching rubbish on TV”.

“I get snappy but personal care takes a back seat. I might not wash my hair as often. I eat rubbish and the house starts getting messy”.

“When I can’t sleep and the next day, I can’t concentrate or focus”.

“Personally, I get grumpy with the people I love, and I start dreading Monday mornings on a Saturday night!”.

These are our red flags, but most people have their own. Some people have none. Perhaps you have been described as swan-like? Nothing ever phases you. Until it does. And you didn’t see it coming.

At ConveyAssist we chatted about how we make time for our mental health and what we do to rectify the balance. Most of us seem to turn to a walk in the countryside or another form of exercise. Others phone a friend to catch up, read a good book or spend time with family.

Sadly for some people they don’t recognise the signs until its too late and I suspect many of you reading this know someone who has suffered from poor mental health.  We are proud to be supporting Women in Residential Property this year in promoting their health and wellbeing series of events and are also keen to promote the Hub Of Hope service provided by the charity Chasing the Stigma which details the services and support available in your area in times of crisis.

Whatever we do, at ConveyAssist we all agree that it isn’t self-last or self-first. Its self-care. Throughout the year it’s making time to do what we love and what makes us love life.