Moneypenny is proud to have been supporting the property sector with their calls, live chat and more since 2000, establishing its position as the #1 provider.

With an increase in the number of property businesses choosing outsourced communications support to improve customer experience and boost lead volumes, Moneypenny is delighted to welcome Lauren Williams to its property team.

Having started at Moneypenny in 2013, it wasn’t long before Lauren’s positive approach led to a role in our New Business Team, working with companies of all shapes and sizes. Now, as our Property Business Development Manager, Lauren’s wealth of experience gives her a real understanding of the challenges that property businesses face when it comes to their communications and helps her to find the ideal solutions for them.

Lauren said: “I’m so excited to turn my focus to the property sector as Moneypenny continues to build upon its reputation as a trusted answering partner within the space. We’re always looking for new ways to further support businesses within the industry, like our partnerships with, Rex, Reapit and many more, which allow us to book viewings, valuations and appointments directly into your team’s calendars and drop leads into your CRM system for total efficiency.

“It’s clear that delivering exceptional customer care is a top priority for the sector, and I’m very confident that Moneypenny’s suite of services will help businesses do just that. With our tailored solutions, they’ll be able to capture every valuable enquiry, extend their opening hours, save money by eliminating the need to hire in-house, and benefit from the latest technology too.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the WIRP network and can’t wait to meet the women that make up this fantastic group.”

One estate agency that’s already benefiting from Moneypenny’s expertise is Chinneck Shaw.

Lizzie Burt, Associate Director, said: “Our team at Moneypenny is wonderful. We feel as though they truly work to help us every step of the way. They handle any calls our own team are unable to answer, provide critical support in the evenings and at weekends, and manage all of our website chats too.”

“I simply love the service, the whole thing just works. The people at Moneypenny have the friendliest tone and the way they engage with customers is brilliant. By giving customers the option to contact us in their preferred way, we’ve also seen an increase in valuation requests.”

For more information about how Moneypenny supports over 3,000 property businesses, click here. You can also contact Lauren Williams on 0333 202 1005 or by emailing